Sunderland Pedestrian Bridges – Harrier Point Staircase – Rifle Range Public Space

We worked in collaboration with Isthmus to design the Hobsonville Walkway structural elements. The walkway consists of a concrete footpath winding around the new residential development at Hobsonville Point. Thorburn designed the pedestrian bridges, staircases and viewing platforms featured along the way.

The Sunderland bridges are curved and sloping. They measure approximately 55 metres long with clear spans of 8 metres  on the centreline between piles. The concrete encased timber piles embedded in the Waitematas support a structural steel sub-frame and timber decking with bespoke steel handrail and timber capping. The decking is an intricate pattern of heavy gauge recycled Sydney Blue Gum in the centre and sustainably harvested Totara on the outside fitted between the upstands of the hand rail.

Grafton Road Bridge

Grafton Road Bridge Scaffolding design by Thorburn Consultants