What We Do

Thorburn Consultants (NZ) Ltd offers Structural, Civil and Environmental engineering services, within New Zealand and internationally.

With more than 40 years experience we have established a strong reputation for our client-focused, practical, efficient service, fully utilising the entire scope of our team’s extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our focus is on finding solutions that work for our clients, and that is why we have built up lasting partnerships with companies nationally and internationally.


Thorburn Consultants have the specialised technical experience to provide a broad range of structural engineering solutions, including industrial, commercial and retail property developments, design of residential properties, and design of hard landscaping.

Concrete Swimming Pools

Thorburn Consultants specialise in structural design of Concrete Swimming Pools  having over four decades of experience in the structural design of sprayed concrete swimming pools, having designed thousands of pools for Pool Contractors, Landscape Designers and Architects


We thrive on finding solutions to challenging civil engineering projects. Our projects have included bulk earthworks, subdivision infrastructure works, roading design, storm and wastewater sewerage design, water mains design, tunnels, bridges and retaining walls, and culverts, weirs and dams.


Thorburns specialise in engineered ‘natural’ environments and in particular water and its interaction with people, in environments we want to be a part of.

We engineer water systems for zoos and aquaria ranging from natural water features to full hydraulic and biological design of public marine aquarium life support systems (LSS). We design non potable water re-use schemes, stream realignment for fish passage, hydraulic design of small catchments, detention and contaminant removal systems for commercial and industrial application. In addition we prepare resource consents with respect to engineering and infrastructure and work with our clients to prepare trade waste management plans and resource consent monitoring reports.